Saturday, January 12, 2013

Boden Spring 2013 styles

I actually have never heard of or paid attention to Boden, or Boden catalogue, until I read this post from In Pursuit of Pretty Things. If the Boden catalog helped Carol through an appendectomy, then it must be good! Thus, I requested a free catalog right away after that, and now Boden tops as one of my favorite catalogs to receive in the mail, next to Anthropologie and J.Crew of course.

In this Boden Spring 2013 issue, I'm gravitating towards these looks: 
page 67
page 71
page 101
 Page 91

Love, love, love! I haven't bought anything from Boden yet. I'm hesitant over the high prices and I'm not sure if these items are petite-friendly enough. Do you shop at Boden?  If so, do you have any luck with their smallest size 2? In the meantime, I'll be rummaging my closet to come up with inspired looks above.

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