Sunday, July 23, 2017

Thank goodness for high waisted bikini

Ever since I received an invitation for a trip to Cancun, I have been scrambling to figure out what to wear to such beaches. I dug in my closet only to find a swimsuit that was over 10 years old, modest tankini with boyshorts, where all the elastic are now crunchy. Okay, time to update my swimsuit attire!

For a couple of months now, I have tried on different styles, from daring two-piece string bikinis to cutout one-pieces. I realized that I am more flat-chested than ever, my lower abdomen underneath my navel is usually bloated, and my torso is too long. Even though I love a modest swimsuit, I find that one-pieces actually emphasizes how long my torso is and how short my legs are in comparison. When I tried on the skimpy two-pieces, especially with the low-rise bottoms, my belly seemed to protrude and gleam for all to see, much like those little children with the distended bellies per side-view. 

Luckily, through trial and error, I found the perfect style that made everything more flattering! 

*Frill/ruffle on top - You think I would gravitate towards the padded push-up tops, but they tend to be molded in a way that I cannot fill out the cups and are quite uncomfortable. Thus, the more favorable solution are the tops with the frills/ruffles, providing an illusion of oomph, especially on bandeau styles.

*High-waisted or mid-rise bikini bottom - I am ever so grateful that high-waist is now in trend. These cover my lower belly perfectly, drawing the focus up towards the small of my waist instead. To avoid looking like a diaper though, I prefer the mid-rise (hits right at or slightly below the navel) and staying away from solid colors, especially white or pastels. 
Here's my new swimsuit, styled 3 ways:
love that it has removable halter string to change up the look 
best part is the lace-up tie to adjust for bloated belly comfort, ha! 
3. Old vintage runner shorts makes for a cute bum cover          
(other keywords to search: runner shorts, dolphin shorts, track shorts)
4. Oversized tee as cover-up (Forever 21 men tee in size M)   

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