Thursday, October 19, 2017

Unconventional Wedding Dress Challenge Part 6

Tip #5. Buy petite brands: amazingly, all the "petite" maxi dresses at ASOS have been perfect in length for me. I just wish they had more styles that can pass as bridal-wear. 

Wearing size US 0 petite, sale $42
Problem: This dress was on clearance and only had size petite 0 left. And once again, it is way too tight; I can barely zip up. As you can see, the top is too small and shrunken for me. This means if I order in the ASOS petite section, I should start picking sizes 2 or 4. But I really love the simple concept of the dress with the gold sequin pizzazz on top. Unfortunately, the dress turned out more beige/nude instead of the cream as in the stock photos. If this dress was more ivory and fits like the stock model, this would have been the "one." 

Lesson learned: stop ordering size petite 0 at ASOS. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Unconventional Wedding Dress Challenge Part 5

Tip #5. Buy petite brands: It sure feels good when the dress fits well off the rack, especially for long dresses. I have a bit of paranoia/anxiety every time I take a dress to the tailors, thinking it'll be ruined/not as nice after the alterations. I find that ASOS offers many petite-size maxi dresses/skirts that often fits me perfectly in length.

Trying size US 0 (sale $39)
Problem: The length is perfect, but size 0 is way too tight on me, I could not zip up on the side-zipper. Even if I did try a larger size...I'm not keen on the mermaid style, which makes me feel like being stuffed in a sausage. 

Lesson learned: No on mermaid style, and no on nude color. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Unconventional Wedding Dress Challenge Part 4

Tip #4. Two-fer: I got this idea from this Elizabeth Kennedy dress. Pair a cheap mini flare dress over a maxi tulle skirt and "tada"! Instant drama, uniqueness, and versatility for the frugal girl. 

PrettyLittleThing Jacquard Ruffle Skater Dress
Little Mistress Petite Maxi Tulle Skirt 
Dress size US 6 (sale $31.50). Skirt size Petite US 2 ($79).
Multiple ways to reuse the two pieces:
Problem: My dress size 6 was too loose (sucks when clearance items do not have small sizes left). The skirt "mink" color is a bit too dark and moody for a wedding. Even though the tulle skirt is very pretty and princess-y, I felt it no longer fits my adult age. 

Lesson learned: Although I originally thought this was a genius idea for a cheap evening gown ensemble, the puffy tulle feels too costume-y for me. Lets face the facts, I'm no longer of quinceaƱera age and do not live in a fairy world. But I'm digging the open back detail of the dress...something to consider.