Friday, June 23, 2017

Gingham Check Off Shoulder Dress

I am completely smitten by Carin Olsson from Paris in Four Months. She has one of the best snap stories with her travels. A real life girl living the dream from fashion magazine pages full of pretty things, luxury hotels, flowers, and sweet treats. I also dig her wardrobe style! On her current excursion to Lisbon, Portugal, I was enticed by her little gingham dress. At first, I was so happy to find that it is from Zara for sale price $29.99, but of course the dress was already sold out in all sizes by the time she posted the information. As luck would have it, I found an identical dress (probably from the same maker) at Forever 21 for only $24.90, even better! 
Identical huh?
Stay tune for review on dress once I get it in the mail ;)  

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ready for Fireworks with H&M Dress Review

H&M has some adorable summer items right now, perfect for 4th of July celebrations coming up. 
 I absolutely love this jersey dress in the white/red roses print! 
Here's how the size 4 fits on my frame (runs small in the waist): 
Stretchy care-free fabric, $9.99, why not!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

On to Mirrored Sunglasses

Being nearsighted most of my life and too astigmatic, cheap, and wimpy to wear contact lenses, sporting sunglasses was never a practical option. But of course, now that I can afford prescription sunglasses and spend way too much time following fashion bloggers and admiring their instagam photos, I am inspired to add more thoughtful shades to my wardrobe!

My personal challenges with sunglasses are: sizing (my face is wide around the eye area, so most women glasses are too narrow or pinch too tight), the right proportion for my features (especially my nose and forehead height), and styling that does not make me look like an old lady (as with most Jackie O frames tend to do to me). 

The one type of sunnies that intrigued me a few years back (maybe around ~2013) were those colorful reflective mirrored sunglasses that makes fashion bloggers look so cool...the bright blue, green, yellow, and pink shades to match a background scenery or colors of the outfit. I thought it was only a fleeting trend, but turns out...I am seeing more and more mirrored sunglasses, maybe even more trendy now in 2017! 

As I was browsing the web for ideas, I was immediately drawn to this whole look:
Love the pop of blue over a neutral olive-tone outfit!