Monday, November 23, 2020

Sam Edelman Hai Boots Review

I cannot remember the last time I did a shoe review since I have been quite satisfied with sticking to my 15 essentials shoes list. However, every winter, I grumble about having to get dressed up in holiday dresses because I get cold easily and sometimes wearing tights makes my whole outfit looks frumpier. Therefore, I have decided to try something new...knee high boots.

Since my most flattering shoes to wear with dresses are my nude pointy toe pumps, I decided to find a knee high boots version of my nude pumps. I realized that a neutral, nude-colored boots with all my desired specification such as pointy-toe, non-slip sole, genuine soft leather that is smooth (not suede), and affordable was quite hard to find. 

The closest I was able to snatch was this Sam Edelman Hai Knee High Boots in ivory that was on clearance sale at Nordstrom Rack for around $100. My size 6 was not available, so I went up half a size, figuring I would most likely wear thick socks with them.

Here's how the ivory color compares to my nude pumps...

I am disappointed that the soles are the resin slippery kind...which means I'll have to add one of those traction stickers at some point if it becomes a problem with my clumsiness in walking with heels. 

Now the test is to see if these boots are versatile enough to wear with many different holiday outfits and still looking chic...

ie. with knee-length dress (featuring old dark green lace dress with necklace from LOFT):

vs. midi length dress (burgundy floral slip dress size M and black mock neck shirt size L from Forever 21):

I think I like it better with the midi dress since it covers up the flaw where the boot shaft is a bit loose (gaping) at the calf and a bit too high for my short legs since it cuts right on my knee caps.

The Good: the leather is buttery soft and the three-inch block heel is actually quite comfortable. The more I look at these photos, I think the ivory color surprisingly makes my outfits look more fashionable than my usual black booties with black tights. 

The Bad: the boots are a bit loose on me, but that's only because they are out of stock with my actual size, so I'm not sure if the size 6 would have been better on me, than these 6.5 ones. My other qualms are the slippery/loud sounding sole. And now I'm wary about how long the ivory leather will last since I have a rugged gait. 

The Verdict: I'm going to keep these since I think the $100 price is pretty good for something with buttery soft leather upper that will be hard to find in a lower price range. So until I find something else better, these will have to do for my winter fancy outfits! 

Other Inspirations:
-See fellow petite Kileen from Cute & Little in the snakeskin version of these Sam Edelman Hai boots in size 5. 

-I enjoyed this article about how to style white boots because I definitely feel what she is feeling... "I get tired of dark winter clothes really fast and there’s nothing like some lightness to elevate a potentially drab winter look.  They look modern but not so trendy that I feel foolish."

-Lastly, this article convinced me that boots are great with midi length skirts! I mean, look at this gorgeous outfit! 
Do you own white/pale boots? How do you keep them clean?!

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Stroopwafels and Cap Sleeve Sweater Vest

It's been awhile since I have posted any sweet treats on here. I'm a sucker for cute packaging, so when I saw this interesting cookie box on sale at Costco, I had to try it. Turns out, this stroopwafel is delicious, especially when placed over a hot cup of tea to get the caramel gooey...oh I love oozing caramels (hence title of my blog, haha). 
How cute are the illustrations of these houses and the blue and white Delftware motifs?
Makes me want to visit the Netherlands someday! 

As for fashion, another trend I'm loving are cap-sleeve sweater vests! I love how it can be worn as a top alone for warmer days and used as a layer for colder days. Weather-adaptable clothing are the best! 

Cap-Sleeve Sweater Vest in tan size S ($18) from Forever 21
Blue and white strip shirt is old from Banana Republic reviewed here
Belted Striped Paperbag Pants size M ($17.99) is sold out at Forever 21, similar here
Nude pumps are old 

More sweater vest inspirations:
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What kind of sweater vests do you prefer?

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Favoring the Peg Leg Pants Trend

I use to wonder why grannies always wear these elastic high waist tapered pants, but now I understand. They are comfortable and efficient! The perks are that you don't have to worry about the hem dragging on the floor collecting mud and dirt, the loose midsection and thighs provides breathability and less chafing for long-term sitting situations. The stretchy high waist is convenient to tuck both thin and thick material tops, while still accentuating the waist for a feminine look. 

I once thought that peg leg pants were quite unflattering on me with my short legs, but I think I just needed adjustments, like choosing a style that has a more soft fabric (to avoid the diaper butt look), keeping the pants in a neutral monotone palette, or perhaps with vertical lines, and always wearing heels with them. 
Inspired here and here

Since loose khaki trousers seems to be coming back in-style, here's me trying all the trends into one: peg-leg, high-waist paperbag, khaki...

Dotted Sweater: vintage (similar at ASOS on sale here, here, and here)
Pants: Forever 21 Paperbag Ankle Pants in khaki size M ($18) - surprisingly soft quality cotton material that did not shrink in the wash/dryer.