Saturday, October 21, 2017

Unconventional Wedding Dress Challenge Thoughts

After trying on a slew of clearance dresses purchased online (thank goodness for ASOS free returns), I learned a few things about myself:

1. Tradition: Even though I enjoy being cheap when it comes to clothing, perhaps being super frugal for one's wedding outfit is not a great idea after all. Besides the bad fit and off-colors, something else doesn't feel right. When I think about what a "wedding day" means, I think of a day full of love, for my family, and my future family. Wearing a "whatever" fast-fashion dress feels a bit meaningless. Thus I think I might opt for being more traditional (ie. stick to my cultural ao dai), or something borrowed from a loved one, or customized by people who are passionate in what they do, or having the family/friends involved in the choice of dress. When it comes down to it, it would be nice to have a dress with a good story behind it. 

2. The Shape: If anything, I learned that I'm not into the "puffy princess ballgown" (ironically, since I love viewing Victorian era fashion). I'm not into the trumpet/mermaid/fishtail gowns since I'm too self-conscious. Drapey or Grecian is more my comfort zone. Anything that highlights my upper-waist is flattering. 

3. The Fabric: My skin tone looks best in a cream/ecru shade. I love the luxurious bling of brocade/silk or sequins on top paired with tulle or something soft and flowy on the bottom. 

Alrighty, this completes my unconventional wedding dress challenge. No more buying random clearance dresses on ASOS. I'm going the traditional route, saving money/time for it. 

If anyone has any tips on having a customized wedding dress (any tailors out there?), or spot a dress I might like, or want to lend me your dress (haha, I'm not kidding!), please share in comments! 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Unconventional Wedding Dress Challenge Part 6

Tip #5. Buy petite brands: amazingly, all the "petite" maxi dresses at ASOS have been perfect in length for me. I just wish they had more styles that can pass as bridal-wear. 

Wearing size US 0 petite, sale $42
Problem: This dress was on clearance and only had size petite 0 left. And once again, it is way too tight; I can barely zip up. As you can see, the top is too small and shrunken for me. This means if I order in the ASOS petite section, I should start picking sizes 2 or 4. But I really love the simple concept of the dress with the gold sequin pizzazz on top. Unfortunately, the dress turned out more beige/nude instead of the cream as in the stock photos. If this dress was more ivory and fits like the stock model, this would have been the "one." 

Lesson learned: stop ordering size petite 0 at ASOS. 

Part 123456 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Unconventional Wedding Dress Challenge Part 5

Tip #5. Buy petite brands: It sure feels good when the dress fits well off the rack, especially for long dresses. I have a bit of paranoia/anxiety every time I take a dress to the tailors, thinking it'll be ruined/not as nice after the alterations. I find that ASOS offers many petite-size maxi dresses/skirts that often fits me perfectly in length.

Trying size US 0 (sale $39)
Problem: The length is perfect, but size 0 is way too tight on me, I could not zip up on the side-zipper. Even if I did try a larger size...I'm not keen on the mermaid style, which makes me feel like being stuffed in a sausage. 

Lesson learned: No on mermaid style, and no on nude color. 

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