Tuesday, February 14, 2012

J. Crew Double-cloth Metro coat review

J. Crew is having a 30% final sale right now, and I noticed there's still quite a lot of the Double-cloth Metro Coat in size 0 Petite left. Thus, I thought I'd post a review in case anyone is hemming and hawing over the size 0P....especially since the sale is final (no returns).

My current height: 5'1", bust: 30", waist: 26", hips: 33.5"
Here's how the J. Crew Double-cloth Metro coat size 0P (in hthr caramel) fits:
This is the regular Metro coat (without Thinsulate), and it fits well overall. The only fit problem that I can think of is that the sleeves can be a bit tight if one wears lots of layers underneath. I feel comfortable with only 2 layers underneath (a short-sleeve tee and a mid-weight long-sleeve sweater...although I think I can add a vest or tank underneath, since the torso is roomy enough).
Another possible complaint is that if you like to put your hands in your pockets, this might not be the coat for you. The high placement of the pockets with the flaps makes it quite awkward to do so. For those who live in freezing cold climates, gloves are a must with this coat.
Another thing I'm not too fond of are these metal hooks at the neck. I'm not sure what they are there for, since I don't think they add any warmth when hooking up further at the neck. It's actually annoying to feel the cold metal hooks when it brushes against my neck area, or have hair/scarf snag on it. 

Yet I still love this coat for the good quality, petite-fit, and the unique double-cloth wool material. I actually bought this Metro coat as a gift for someone special, since I'm already satisfied with last year's orange Double-cloth Lady Day coat size 0P. If you currently own last year's Lady Day coat in size 0P, you will definitely fit this Metro Coat size 0P. I found they are almost the same measurements. The Metro coat has maybe slightly shorter sleeves. Hopefully these pictures show you how they compare (I placed my orange Lady Day coat right on top of the Metro):
I find the Metro coat a bit roomier in the torso compared to my Lady Day coat. The roominess could be because I have the Lady Day with Thinsulate (which has a bit extra puffiness in the torso area). Now if you are debating on Thinsulate or no Thinsulate, I really can't tell the difference. I do feel like my Lady Day Thinsulate coat fabric is a tiny bit puffier in the torso/length area, but my regular Metro coat felt just as warm (with  ~45 degrees F climate). Weirdly, I actually think my Metro coat feels heavier than my Thinsulate Lady Day coat. So if you ask me, I would pick the non-thinsulate for the cheaper price (and gives same warmth level).
Some more pictures of me last year in my Lady Day Thinsulate 0p coat for comparison of the style with the above (also featured this coat in this post). 
FYI: laying flat and buttoned, my lady day coat measures: 14.75" across shoulder seam to seam, 17" chest width pit to pit, 14.5" waist width, 33.5" total coat length, and 21.75" outerseam sleeve length.

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PetiteLittleGirl said...

I think the coat fits you really well. I got the red one this year because of you =) Congrats on your new coat!

SewPetiteGal said...

I love the caramel color on you but love the orange even more! It's such a fun and vibrant color to beat away the doldrums of winter. :)

(I think I'm too old for these captchas, I rarely see what they're trying to get me to type :( Methinks I need an eye exam)

Olyvia said...

PLG, I'm so happy I inspired you from my blog post! Hope you lik eyour red/orange coat too!

SPG, I do love my orange one more too! haha, you are not getting old, they are making those word verification things harder! I always have to try twice to get them right....hmmm, I'll see if I can disable that function since it's quite annoying! :)