Saturday, April 23, 2011

Starbucks cake pops

Since I'm not a coffee drinker (more a coffee sniffer), I hardly go to Starbucks unless I have a gift card or a meeting in the shop. This time, it involved my sister's gift card, and what did we buy? Cake pops! I have been obsessed with cake pops since introduced me to Bakerella's blog and book. Although I was gifted the Cake Pops book for Xmas, I am too lazy to attempt making them on my own. So I'm ecstatic to try my first store-bought cake pop. I'm not exactly sure when Starbucks started making these, but it must be a new thing for them. Each of these pops were $1.25 a piece and oh so delightful!
Rocky Road Cake Pop

Birthday Cake Pop
The cake inside was different than what I thought it would be. It's super moist and condense (almost raw-like). The Rocky Road chocolate cake resembles a brownie, and the Birthday cake texture reminds me of mung bean filling for some reason (like in these Vietnamese Orange Sesame Balls, but without the coconut). I like mung bean filling so maybe someone should put the orange sesame balls (banh cam) on a stick as well, haha. I would love it!
So cute!


Banhannas said...

I think Starbucks had their promotion on them but at that time they were called "petite" something and I thought they came out with a smaller size or something. LOL! Those look delicious but I have an urge to make some myself...!

Olyvia said...

Banhannas, I would love to see the result of your cake pops, if you decide to make them :)

Fierce Fabulous Fit said...

YUM!!! I haven't tried these yet, but they look SO GOOD!!


The Little Dust Princess said...

Oh they look YUM!