Sunday, October 30, 2011

Durable and easy to clean

All my life I've been using plastic tumblers for my bathroom and they become gross over time and always need replacement. So I've decided that with my new house, I'm going to try to be more eco-friendly with more sustainable products. Thus, stainless steel tumblers came into mind. Here's a review of the ones I ordered online:

-What I don't like: the StainlessLux 20 oz size is huge and heavy! This would look better as a flower vase than a bathroom tumbler for little ol' me. Also, it does not look like the online photo with the interesting frosted-matte outer and shiny rim. Return!  I should have ordered the small 8 oz size here. (It is made in China in case anyone is curious about that).

-What I like: the Greenfeet's 8 oz size is the perfect size! (It's a Zebra Thailand brand that I've never heard of). It's small, but sturdy enough to not topple over if I put a toothbrush in it. It feels good in the hand. Keeper! Although, it also does not look like the matte-finish online stock photo either. What's up with that?  At least the shiny stainless steel outer is still sleek and nice.
I'm most excited to see how long these will last. They look easy to clean. Just hope they will not rust (please comment below on any stainless steel rust cleaning/prevention tips :). I also purchased the Greenfeet's Recycled Glass toothbrush holder ($8.74) that is awesome! The glass is so pretty and large enough to fit a standard toothpaste size and 4 toothbrushes! Best part of course is that the stainless steel lid pops off for easy cleaning!
I'm just loving these Greenfeet products! 


Michelle said...

Hey Olivia!

I love the sleekness of the tumblers!

When is the move-in date? (or are you already moved in?)

Three belt loops?! Awesome!

Olyvia said...

I should be moving in any time in November. Just slowly furnishing the place...more pictures to come!

Cee said...

Middle belt location looks perfect to me. The high one makes your waist look higher than it actually is. The low one looks to be almost around your waist area. How do you feel about the sleeve length? It looks a bit long to me but definitely doable (beats being too short!)

Olyvia said...

Cee, what a good eye you have! I do feel like the sleeves are too long, but didn't mentioned it. I was just thinking that maybe an inch off would be good. So when I have the time/money, I'm thinking of getting the sleeves altered. But for now, it's doable...or I can try your technique with scrunching up the sleeves :)

Anonymous said...

I think the high looks better, it makes you look more proportionate. The low is a no-no, looks frumpy and kind of makes you wide. The middle is just that, middle of the road. I love your blog btw.

LePetiteLemon said...

I missss you!! :D Looking forward to some home decor pictures!

I LOVE LOVE stainless steel! I'm trying to replace my plastics with either stainless steel or glass because I'm paranoid about chemicals in plastics! >_<

Great find for the trench coat! I would've broken my spending fast too if I found something like that! :D I like both the high and middle tie on your coat!

aki! said...

I definitely like the sash at the middle here.

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

3 belt loops - brilliant! I like the middle position the best!

Olyvia said...

middle wins! thanks for your input girls!