Saturday, December 17, 2011

Love for hats

When my mom was hospital-bound during the pregnancy of my baby brother (in the early 90's), a nice nurse gave her stacks of these Victoria Magazines during her long stay to rid of the time. My mom wasn't much of a magazine reader, but she joyfully accepted the offer and would give them to me instead to read. This was how I came to love Victorian and vintage styles.

Thus, I'm excited about my new book purchase, that has been sitting in my Amazon wishlist forever:
($3.74, used)
The book is smaller than I expected (~1/2"x 6"x8").
Photographs are exactly like those seen in Victoria Magazines from the 90's (since it was published in 1994).
It also has some wonderful prints of famous paintings, which I love!
Even though this book is outdated, I'm still inspired by the hats!
The book covers some historical hats and milliners, but is mostly full of flowery quotes to elaborate how wonderful hats are: "However exciting, however many people may be there, an occasion is less an occasion without a hat."
Hats are awesome! Here's my own:
 Happy Holidays everyone! 


Victoria said...

I've been enjoy reading your blog in 2011. Wishing you more pretty and stylish in 2012. Happy Holiday.

LePetiteLemon said...

I love hats, especially ones where I can add my own touches, such as interchangeable ribbons or brooches like yours :D Also love the color of your shirt!

Olyvia said...

Victoria, Victoria! Perfect name for this post :) Thanks for following and your well wishes! The same back at ya!

LPL, plain hats are usually my favorite too! It is fun to add some bling and pizazz to hats :)

SewPetiteGal said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday! If I don't "see" you, have a Happy New Year too! You look lovely in this hat!