Saturday, April 14, 2012

Washington DC travel part 2

Although I was bummed there were no cherry blossoms, I was overflowing with giddiness of all the spring flowers I spotted in DC. My favorite of course was the United States Botanical Garden. My ultimate dream has always been to visit the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken in Belgium, but this will do! I'm really weird that I don't like cut flowers, nor flowers in vases for indoors, and I don't like doing any gardening work myself. But I love love love visiting botanical gardens, greenhouses, and seeing flowers growing in amazing landscapes. I guess I'm more a fan of being in awe of living plants from a viewer perspective, if that makes any sense, haha. But here are my favorite photos from my trip dedicated to flowers:
I'm so happy the annual orchid exhibit is showing right now. Orchids are indeed the most fascinating plants.

Doesn't this orchid below remind you of Wendy's neon & magenta outfit from Wendy's Lookbook?
And this one is the most pale purple color I've ever seen.
Isn't the purple pattern on this one gorgeous?
I know, I'm excited over everything purple.
Outside the conservatory:
Lots of vivid tulips all over DC
 And violets and pansies...
Such rare pale and dark purple tulips!
so many kinds!
These aren't flowers, but I thought this pool/fountain near the botanical garden was interesting (reminds me of Louis Vuitton).

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