Sunday, May 27, 2012

Like Orange Sherbet

did I ever share my favorite facial moisturizer?
(~$20 something at local Sprouts)
Oh no! Just learned that this product is being discontinued! Oh woe :( Seriously this is the ONLY moisturizer I've ever tried that doesn't make my face greasy and AMAZINGLY eliminates and prevents fine lines. All natural ingredients and a nice orange-scent. It has been my holy-grail for almost 4 years now. Each jar actually lasts me more than half a year. Can't believe I'll have to start searching for an alternative after I run out of this. I would totally stock up on whatever supplies are left out there, except natural ingredients tend to expire fast. Darn it! Derma-E, please bring this back!


SewPetiteGal said...

Pretty scarf! Looks like a good length too - I really hate too-short scarves - will have to check my local H&M!

Olyvia said...

Oh yes, this scarf is long!