Saturday, May 18, 2013

Going Brazilian

Since I'm wearing sandals all the time right now, my poor feet gets pretty dry. For years, I've been using my favorite Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream in Coconut Milk to moisturize my driest extremities, but it's getting harder to find that particular one at my local retail stores. Sadly, the price keeps hiking up every time I need to restock (almost at $14 for 6.5 oz the last time I checked). So I've been on a lookout for other brands to try.

My criteria are:
1. Moisturizing for rough skin areas.
2. Not greasy.
3. Smells pleasant (I like sweet scents), but not too overpowering.
4. No parabens or artificial colors.
5. Affordable or worth the amount, and easy to find.

Shopping at Walmart today, the price tag on this body cream caught my eye...only $4.48! That either means it sucks or is a really good deal. Curious, I opened a few jars to get a whiff of their scents...the Coconut Lime smelled too intense for me, the Almond & Honey smelled like medicine, and then...the Brazillian Nut, woah, it smells like Starbucks! I could not stop inhaling this yummy rich caramel and cocoa scent! Thus, I bought it home to try....

Going down my criteria list...
1. The Tree Hut cream consistency is thicker than my Alba Botanica one, which feels great on my rough feet. Definitely moisturizing. 
2. Not greasy. I like that it doesn't leave a sheen on the skin. 
3. I'm attracted to this caramel/cocoa scent, but I can see it being too overwhelming, especially if I applied this to my entire body (instead of just my feet). The scent does linger around longer than my Alba Botanica coconut. 
4. No parabens and artificial colors. 
5. At $4.48 for a 7 oz jar at my nearby Walmart, that's a great deal! 
Tree Hut Brazilian Nut vs. Alba Botanica Coconut Milk

Ingredients-wise, my Alba Botanica beats the Tree Hut for being 100% vegetarian. I also like the neutral coconut scent of my Alba better. Even though the Tree Hut scent is definitely yummy, it might make strangers think I live at Starbucks. But Tree Hut is a better deal for the money and I think is actually more moisturizing than my Alba Botanica. 

Overall, I would recommend the Tree Hut Brazilian Nut Shea Body Butter if you love sweet caramel/cocoa scents! Since the cream is thick, it might be harder to apply on large surface areas, thus I would use this more as a foot cream or for elbows and hands. 

Here's the ingredients label for those interested....I don't know about you...but I love reading ingredient lists for some reason....

Still on the Brazilian-theme, I'm crazy over this print on the Lenny Niemeyer Ruched Bikini from Anthropologie....
Darn it, $256 bucks!  Too expensive, and I'm not even going on any vacations this summer.
Would look amazing on someone with a more tanned skin like this girl :) 

Are you loving the palm/tropical-forest prints lately?

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