Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lobster craving

From: Bon Appetit September 2011 page 50

I have actually never tried a lobster roll (considering I do not live near an ocean), but I do love lobsters, mayonnaise, bread, and food in mini portions! This article/photo got me drooling for seafood....including the linguine and clams. Jotting down Son of a Gun as restaurants to try (if I ever vacation in Los Angeles).


LePetiteLemon said...

I miss you, Olyvia!! Hahahaha. I'm such a creeper! =P I tried my first lobster roll a few months ago, and let me just say....WOW! Buttery-goodness!!! :D

Olyvia said...

LPL, I'm glad to hear that lobster rolls are indeed delicious! Can't wait to try my first one :) I'm flattered you missed my fashion blog, you're more than welcome to follow me on Caramel Covered Everything....I might turn it back into a fashion blog too, once I get settled again, hehe!