Saturday, September 10, 2011

Starry night sky

When Adiaphane, one of my favorite blog-reads, posted these gorgeous Delman star-detail indigo pumps, it reminded me of something from my early girlhood days....... In my tween-years, I often escaped into the world of Jane Austen (reading her books that is) and spent many a nights dreaming what it would be like to be in that romantic world. I loved Jane Austen's novels for the strange vocabulary (I craved learning new words back prepare for SAT's and college of course) and Austen never disappointed in describing the heroine's gowns, bonnets, and preparation for the evening ball or ride about town. I even envisioned my own outfits to wear to a Jane Austen-style soiree! I was such a strange little girl, haha. I dugged up my old dusty sketches and found what reminded me of the Delman pumps:
Yes, this is the gown I designed for myself to fall in love with a handsome gentlemen at a glamorous ball. I wanted to look like a starry night sky. Oh how faraway and ridiculous it sounds now, haha.

Darn it, now I really want to buy these pumps. At $ maybe not, to the wishlist.
Strange thing is, I can't stand Jane Austen books or movies anymore. Guess I learned the hard way that real life isn't very Jane Austen novels at all. It was fun dreaming though. 


Bravoe Runway said...

WOW Olyvia! I didn't know you also could sketch so well! And from that dress I definitely can see a dreamy midnight sky! Thank you for commenting on my mom's design and draperies! She enjoys it and you can tell through her work :)

Olyvia said...

Aww, thanks! and I thought my drawings are kid-like...well I was a kid when I drew them. I haven't drawn anything for ages! haha

Anonymous said...

Very interesting - I used to be a Jane Austen fan in middle and high school, but in college, after taking an Austen class, I could not stand it! (Dickens either for that matter.) I still like Clueless, though (heh, based off of Jane Austen's Emma).

LePetiteLemon said...

Such great drawings! You should make your dream come least the dress aspect of it by having it custom made for you! Also, the shoes definitely match! Or, you can just get those shoes!!!!