Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lofty shopping

Currently sofa shopping for my new house, and after 3 furniture stores, I think my favorite so far is this cognac leather sectional at Copenhagen:
Sleek, warm, sturdy, love it!  But at $3995! Way too costly for my budget :(
I wonder if they'll have something like a half-off the wishlist.

What kind of sofas do you like?


LePetiteLemon said...

Cognac is also a perfect color for boots!! ^_~ I love sectionals too and we have a dark brown leather one. We knew that we 1000% wanted a sectional so it could provide some foot-resting. Hehehe. Plus, two people can sleep on it! Hope you find a great one for a good price!

Elle said...

ahhh that soft is PERFECT! That price tag is rather intimidating though. Crossing my fingers that it'll go on sale! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I love the Mad Men style sofas. My husband also loves sectionals and he prefers the breathable cool type of material (I think it's upholstery - similar material to sueded sweaters from BR/J Crew). I'd love a sofa where people can come in and just plop down and feel comfortable enough to take a nap (not sure any of the Mad Men sofas I like have that same feel unfortunately). ;D

Olyvia said...

LPL, Cognac is probably my favorite leather color! I love it in boots, belts, and purses too! Probably that's why I was attracted to this sofa, hehe.

Elle, thanks for crossing your fingers for a sale! You're so sweet!

QFFS, haha, I'm not sure if Mad Men style sofa's are nap-friendly either, but a comfy sofa is a must!