Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 plus preview

2012 is sort of a big year for me. I'll be turning 30! Can't believe it!

I barely know where to start with my New Years resolution. All in all, so many things to search for! For this blog though, my search continues for these items:

1. Statement shoes - When it comes to footwear, I tend to avoid attention and stay safe in black, brown, grey, and neutral tones, but I could use more spunk and confidence in my life. Thus, needing something bright turquoise, yellow, and maybe cap-toe (do you recognize which blogs I'm inspired from by these shoes?) 

2. Rebecca Bloomwood plaid jacket - I have a thing for everything the character wears in Confessions of a Shopaholic. Came very close last year with this post, but it sadly didn't make the cut. 

3. Comfortable travel gear - I'll probably be traveling more in the future and would like to look better in travel photos at the same time. I learned that I need better walking shoes (that looks good with skinny jeans and gives me some height....perhaps some booties). Also need a more grownup lightweight bag to carry all my necessities (to replace my old zebra-print Kipling bag). 
 This travel outfit and pose needs improving, no?

4. Coral jewelry - just something I don't have in my current collection and I think would freshen up many outfits.

5. Waffle-maker - Been drooling about it ever since this post from Fast Food & Fast Fashion. I've never made my own waffle before, so something new to learn!

6. Adult Tricycle - I'm the most embarrassing wobbly bicyclist, but I do enjoy a ride with the breeze in my face once in a while. Thus a tricycle sounds so much safer...and look at all that basket space!
All above are things I don't really need, but they make me happy thinking about when I have extra funds! What are you in search for in the new year?


With Each Passing Day said...

Yay for the 30's. They said 30's are the best year of your life. I'm looking into getting more statement shoes too.

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Yay! I actually loved turning 30. I think because most people were shocked that I was that old LOL! And I was really happy where as most people dread it. Beyond 30 is fun too LOL!

Those colour pumps are so cute! I need a pair of yellow shoes myself ;)

Stylepint said...

Those are some great ideas and I know I'm on the hunt for some statement shoes too! I'm definitely trying to push my style boundaries and streamline my "personal style." =)

LePetiteLemon said...

Wha?? You, 30??? This does not compute!! =P It's okie...I'm turning 30 next year!! Hahaahaha. I have a feeling this year is gonna be awesome for the both of us! :D I'm thinkin' you're gonna find Mr. Right this year! ^_~ Here's to fulfilling your fashion goals too, and oh man, that tricyle is soooooo cool! I can BARELY ride a bike, but I would totally ride that tricycle everywhere! I'm putting that on my wish list! :)

Olyvia said...

lol, LPL, thanks, you're so sweet! I'm happy I inspired you to want a tricycle! It is so cool!