Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why I love men's style

I admit back in my college days while procrastinating my studies in the library, I would often head over to the periodicals section and pick up some fashion magazines. My guilty pleasure was the GQ magazine. Can't beat hot guys in really nice clothes!

What I admire the most of menswear is how their color palettes and textures tend to be very neutral and pleasing to the eye. It makes us women clothing look like clown-clothes.

It's no wonder I keep gravitating towards the men's section of catalogs and fashion publications (as mentioned previously here, here, and here).

Although the men in my life aren't too dad and my brothers wear the same thing over and over everyday (simple T-shirts and khakis)...they always manage to look better in photographs than me, haha!

For instance, here's my dad's outfit on our father-daughter trip to the East Coast last year:
This is his tourist garb, but I love how his monochromatic ensemble blended so well with the beautiful background. And he also looks vacation-suntanned! This is my favorite picture that I took of him :)

Now this was me on the same trip:
Ughh....baggy old-lady black pants (but comfortable), bulky white nylon bag that looks like a diaper bag, magenta scarf that clashes with the blue denim jacket and didn't match any scenery that we explored. Wish I had worn all black instead to fit in with the Orthodox Jewish folks in the background at least.

Thus, after a few of these vacation photos, I pretty much threw out everything that is bright pink and purple (girly colors) that tend to be too garish in most environments. Although I'm always inspired by girl power in movies like Legally Blonde and my beloved Confessions of a Shopaholic...the reality is...the world is not Candy Land. Plus, I'm probably getting old, more practical, and less dreamy....thus gravitating towards more neutrals. 

What better way to learn how to dress neutral (but not boring) than revel in men's fashion! 

I was so happy to find out about The Style Blogger, now called TSBmen Articles of Style, from Stylepint awhile back. That one perfect picture of Jenilee's outfit seemed to have made a huge impact on every girl's mind....I've seen many great replications of this look since.

So far, TSBmen is the only menswear blog that I follow. Do you know of any other men's style blogs to recommend?  I wish there was a petite-men fashion blog, haha. The closest I found on Google was this one post from Men's Style Pro featuring Chaz Bellinger (very cute for a 5'3" guy).
Still a girly girl at heart, I probably won't be sporting a tie or suspenders any time soon, but I'm definitely interested in wearing more neutral and masculine colors such as blue, gray, and browns. 

How are you inspired by menswear?

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