Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cute round pepper

My parent's garden never seizes to surprises me with wonderful, whimsical plants! Too bad I did not inherit their love of gardening (since I'm too deathly afraid of insects that inhabit such areas, haha). This time, my parents surprised me with an indoor plant. Isn't this the cutest pepper you've ever seen?
It's like a mini pumpkin!
Here's how it compares to a bunch of lemons (also from my parent's garden).
That's where it came from! Isn't it pretty? My dad was actually gifted this pepper plant without a label, so not sure what this variety is called. I'll have to research it some other time. I haven't tasted it either, but my mom said it's mild in spice.

I should really start a photo album of my parent's garden plants. It's like a botanical garden over there. Here's a few other interesting plants I took pictures of last year:
Purple Cactus that blooms yellow flowers.
 Hot Pink Cherry Blossoms
And look at those weird gothic purple plants growing out of the geraniums below!

In shopping news, I'm just going crazy over Forever21 outerwear right now. My current favorites are:
I've been debating on which ones to order and decided to only pick 2 of them. Future post to come! Any great finds at Forever21 lately? Please share!


Michelle said...

Their garden is amazing! I love the purple cactus!

Adorable pepper!! :)

Olyvia said...

thanks michelle!