Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ASOS Lucky Ballet Flats review

I love the gold Velda Loafers I reviewed previously, but the Anthropologie price was quite hefty, making me ponder if I should opt for cheaper metallic shoes. Thus, I decided to give these ASOS Lucky Ballet Flats in rose metallic a try. My reasoning was if they turned out better, then I would return the expensive Velda, and be happy with these more affordable $22 flats. Here's how they turned out:
I ordered size US 5, because ASOS shoes tend to run big in my experience. Unfortunately, my sizing assumption was a little off this time. My feet are a true size 6, but these flats fit like a size 5.5...so it is a bit too snug and pinchy for my feet. The pointy-toe also contributed to the pinching, especially with vigorous walking. Thus I recommend ordering your true size, if you are interested in these. The polyurethane material doesn't seem like it would stretch much over time as with genuine leather. 

On the positive side, the rose-gold color is so pretty! Here's how it compares to my Velda Loafers:
The ASOS Lucky ballet flats definitely look daintier. The polyurethane material is a lot lighter in weight than the leather Velda loafers, yet it seems sturdier...the pebbled metallic material seems like it'll last longer than the gold-paint-on-leather of the Velda (which I'm sure will scratch and rub-off over time).
The ASOS Lucky flats have good padding at the ball of the feet...but I do wish the heel was more padded, or maybe have a more elevated heel for better comfort. I've been wearing heels most of my life, so shoes that are too flat are uncomfortable for me.
The rubber sole is also very lightweight and flexible.
Aren't they pretty?
Overall, I'm convinced I need a pair of metallic shoes in my wardrobe.
Which shoe do you prefer: The Velda Loafers or ASOS Lucky Ballet Flats?


Michelle said...

I do prefer the look (and price) of the ASOS over the Velda ones. But...there is the size issue. If you do decide to go with the ASOS style, do you plan on ordering a size up?


the flats are so cute!

Suzie Q said...

metallic shoes are always fabulous. Love this bronze color and they look comfy!

Suzie Q

Olyvia said...

Aww man, I was too late in getting the size 6, it's already sold-out! otherwise, I would have ordered it and returned the Velda....I'm still on the lookout though for a more perfect and comfy metallic flats :)