Sunday, September 2, 2012

Searching for nude blouse

Found it: F21 Floral Appliqué Top size small - Cream
The floral appliqué top reminds me of the expensive $258 Anthropologie Breadfruit Blouse from March 2009 issue page 50-51:

Another thing I learned from my nude blouse search, is that not all nudes work for one's skin tone. So now for everything I buy, I'll have to consider proportion as well as if it matches my complexion.


Michelle said...

Great find! Definitely share pictures after you alter and style it!

Lol! At the nude pantyhose observation...very true!

With Each Passing Day said...

I see the floral applique top in store a while ago and I agreed with you, the side are too long and loose. I can wait to see you style the top after your DIY alternation.

Olyvia said...

Oh, my alterations are done! I spent this weekend working on it nonstop like a crazy woman. Thanks for the feedback!