Saturday, September 1, 2012

Metallic shoes

I try not to wear too many low or no-heel shoes because they make me me feel stumpy and dowdy, but for some reason, I had to try these gold Leifsdottir's Velda Loafers from Anthropologie (sale $99.95, with further 25% labor day sale = $74.96).
Fits true to size. I'm wearing size 36 Euro (equivalent to US 6)
I like that the overall shape is sleek and dainty.
It has slightly padded insole at the heel. As for comfort level...I rate these a 7 out of 10 (with 10 being most comfortable). I would not wear these to go jogging in, but they feel comfortable enough for casual wear-statement shoes. The slight narrowing at the foot make the feet look daintier, but would rub against the side of one's foot/toes/bunion areas with aggressive with most pretty shoes.
All leather sole, except I think the little brown section at the heel edge is made of rubber. I suppose rubber is more sturdy than leather....thus the little rubber piece is meant to hinder premature wearing-down of the thoughtful!
 Leather upper and leather lining. Suede-texture lining at back of heel. Made in Italy. My only qualm is that gold paint on the outer leather seems like it'll chip and scratch off easily. 

Best part is the metallic sheen really livens up one's outfit. I don't feel dowdy or stumpy in them at all! These are definitely "cool" shoes. 

What are your thoughts on metallic shoes?

J.crew currently loves metallics, see these splurge items:
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Viv metallic flats $188 - metallic silver
Cece metallic ballet flats $138 - comes in brocade gold and metallic silver
Valentina mirror metallic pumps $238 - metallic silver
Etta cap toe metallic pumps $248 - metallic gold

ASOS deals:
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London Rebel Point Mid Heel Shoe $31.51 sale - gold champagne


Denise said...

What brand is the orange jacket you're wearing? I love it! It really makes the outfit.

Olyvia said...

Denise, I'm wearing ZARA PIQUÉ BLAZER in size XS. I think it's sold out online though. But it's the exact same blazer seen on TAM at