Monday, November 26, 2012

Bit by the blue bug

I took Cyber Monday off from work this year just to chill and shop online (since I worked on black Friday). Woked up at 5am and started hounding down all my favorite online retailers like a mad woman. By 10am, I only bought 2 skirts from JCPenney and 1 item from ASOS, and didn't really see anything else I liked that was on super sale. I also took the time to pay off my monthly bills online and looking at my school loans, it made me lose taste in shopping any further, haha.

However, there were some items that caught my eye during my browsing madness, but not on sale enough (and not on my shopping limit list) to pull the trigger. I think I got bit by the blues!
Faux Fur Collar Peacoat 
Armani Exchange Faux Fur Collar Peacoat $155.35 (with 35% off and free shipping)

Forever21 Contrast Trimmed Blazer $32.80 (free shipping)

I'm not sure how versatile and practical bright blue is in my wardrobe right now, but I love it on Pippa Middleton...her iconic blue blazer and coats! I'll think about it some more if blue is needed in my closet. Seems like this color only works with black and white combinations.
Anybody else getting the blues?


Sheila said...

Love the blue!! Such pretty shades. :)

xo - Sheila said...

I can't keep up with cyber Monday sales today. I made a few purchases but they were all Christmas gifts for my family =) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Olyvia said...

Thank you ladies! I'm so thankful for this blog and your comments! I'm also glad I did not impulsively buy these blue coats/jacket. After many thoughts, I decided, that blue looks good on Pippa but not necessarily me. I took a good look at my closet and realized I'm more into the olive/green/orange/cream for winter, so blue would not make sense. Whew! A save for the wallet! :)