Monday, December 17, 2012

Fifth Harmony

X-Factor nights with my creamy guacamole dip 'n chips (a snack food I proudly created recently) has been what I look forwards to coming home from work. So sad the finale is this week already :(  I'm a gigantic fan of the girl group Fifth Harmony (although I'm with L.A. Reid, I do not like the name America has chosen for them). Anyway, I hope they continue to sing with hit songs after the show is over (winner or not). I've already downloaded a bunch of their songs from the show via itunes. I want more! My favorite girl is Dinah...I've been rooting for her since the first auditions!

Some of my favorite songs from the season:

Aren't they so pretty! Love how they each have very distinct voices.
This Wednesday, vote vote vote for Fifth Harmony!
I know, I'm such a girlie girl....I should change my blog title to: The Life of a Pathetic Girl and Her Couch...haha

Who is your favorite contestant on X-Factor?


kvinh said...

Now you need to post the recipe plus pic of this guac dip lol

Olyvia said...

Kvinh, I did not know anyone would be interested in my guacamole dip, haha. It's really easy, I'll post it one of these days for you! There's only 3 ingredients!