Monday, January 14, 2013

Forever 21 Necklaces

I'm on a Forever21 high lately....thought I'd share some quick picks.

Light Blue/Silver
See on The Chloe Conspiracy

4. Bejeweled Flower Collar Necklace
See on Closet de Jules

5. Circle Bib Necklace
See on Ella Pretty

6. Sparkling Teardrop Necklace
It looks beautiful online! Hopefully it looks just as nice in person.
(reminds me of Harry Winston Hall Sapphire Necklace)

Oh, here's some blurry shots of the real deal when I went to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History last year. Washington D.C. is now on the top of my list for vacation/extended getaway/future honeymoon destination...haha...because I love it that much and the neverending things to see!
It's really hard to take pictures of these gems in the dim lighting behind a blurry glass and little kids breathing and drooling at my sides, haha. The Hall Necklace is more vibrant and prettier than the Hope Diamond in my opinion.
Have you found any great items at Forever21 recently? Please share!


Julia said...

HAHAHA DC for future honeymoon! How cute is that! Do let me know when you're ever here again :)

Olyvia said...

You're from the area Julia? I'm a museum fanatic so DC area is like museum galore! Love it! I'll definitely keep in touch with the DC bloggers :)