Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Golden Compass winter fashion

I watched The Golden Compass for the first time today on my day off from work, chilling at home in my warm blankets. I like the pretty outfits Nicole Kidman wore, especially the coats!
As mentioned on Quest for Fashion Sense comments, my first splurge item ever was this Marvin Richards ivory coat...seven years ago. It was on sale for around $80, which was a big deal for me back then, but I've only worn it once (to my first ballet ever! It was amazing!).

Speaking of, one of the nice things about the upcoming Valentine's weekend is that the Ballet always has some great performances going on. If you like orchestral music, intricate costumes, dramatic love stories, and appreciate dance, February is the perfect time to hit the performing art center!

What I love to wear to such events are:
1. Glamorous coat - it's chilly at night, and a glamorous coat with some fur on it always makes me feel like a super star upon arriving at the theater.
2. Knit top or tee - since my coat is glamorous, I like to tone down my outfit with a simple sweater or tee. Since the performance is usually 2+ hours, I want to be comfortable too!
3. Jeans - because it's the weekend and they make the bum look good.
4. Heels - to make the jeans look even better.
5. Bling - I'm a lover of earrings, so any chance I can take out the fancy chandelier or sparkly rhinestone earrings, I'm all for it :)

What do you wear to a ballet? Do share!

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