Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring formal wear

Invited to a "formal" party in springtime? What to wear?!

Let's look in the closet....
- Long floor-sweeping evening dress?  none.
- Flowing Grecian style dress as seen on red carpets? none.
- Sequin dress?, too Christmas-y.
- Little black dress?, length too short, too cocktail.
- Maybe spring pastel-colored dress? none.
- Satin dress?  yes! I have two! halter blue one is...yuck, awkward midi length...needs to be altered.....which leaves the emerald dress....last styled for Petite Fashion Challenge #4 back in 2010 for Christmas party:
So this is the fanciest evening dress I own that fits :(
 Luckily, "emerald" is color of the year :)

Just need more colorful accessories...but definitely avoid gold, red, and black (winter holiday colors).
All I could find is my blue Forever21 Sparkling Teardrop necklace (reviewed here
Any other ideas how I should style an emerald dress for springtime formal event?
Oh, great suggestion! Floral these pretty Manolo Blahnik 'BB' Pump...swoon!
(Guy-date, head over to TSB for tips on Tuxedo Rental Alternatives)


Fashion Foward Mommy said...

Olyvia, that is a gorgeous color on you! If it's a daytime event, I'd probably add a pair of bright/floral heels to make the dress feel even more "Spring-y".

Olyvia said...

FFM, that is a great idea! I should look into some floral pumps!

eliz said...

Buying formal dresses can be a drag. Good thing you had this one!

Qwerty said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Olyvia, in case you're looking for an alternative for the floral shoes, I just saw these today:

Olyvia said...

Eliz, tell me about it! Formal gowns are frustrating to search for especially when we're tiny kid-size.

QFFS, I miss you! So happy to know you still follow me :) and I'm definely going to check out those floral pumps! Thanks girl!

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