Monday, February 24, 2014

Banana Republic non-iron shirt review

Ever since I started blogging outfits and being mindful of my budget, I have devised several methods to stop impulsive and frivolous shopping to prevent a closet full of white elephants.

Nowadays, when I make a purchase, I think a lot. 

1. Does it fit right or can be altered easily?
2. Does it match my skin tone?
3. Is it appropriate for work and play environments?
4. Is the fabric comfortable and carefree?
5. Is it compatible with other items in my closet?
6. Is it on my Shopping Limit List?
7. Is it something I can see in my favorite Anthropologie catalog? 
8. Does it look good on camera?

After honing down my style and slowly acquiring everything on my Shopping Limit List, I'm somewhat satisfied, but I'm always open for better things out there! Especially when the beloved older items become worn and frayed. I really like the concept from Alterations Needed on "Wardrobe Upgrade."

Thus adding...
9. Is it a good upgrade to an item I already own?

I have been keeping an eye out for a blue stripe button-up to replace one of my dingy Forever 21 shirt. While loitering around at Banana Republic during a recent mall visit, I gravitated towards this...

(bought on 40% sale off $69.50)
Size Regular 0
I normally don't shop at Banana Republic because my local store doesn't carry petite sizes and their tops tend to be large on me. The petite size of this shirt ran out of stock online before it even went on sale. Luckily, this smallest regular size 0 fits decent (however not as fitted as the J.Crew Stretch Perfect Shirt in regular XXS). I like that the length and chest area is just right. The sleeves are too long as expected, but my only complaint is the backside where it puffs up like I have a hunch back. Anyone know why this hunch-back effect happens or solutions to it? (*Answer: see this helpful article from Alterations Needed posted August 24, 2015).
The collar is stiffer than most button-up shirts I own. The starchy 97% cotton and 3% spandex feels cool on the skin. The fabric may shrink and soften after a wash. I normally wear this type of shirt under jackets and sweaters, so the few fit issues aren't too bothersome. Overall, it is a lot better quality than my old Forever 21 shirt. I'm also glad it has no chest pocket(s), which makes it smoother for layering under sweaters. My favorite part is the vivid blue and white stripes which are fresher than my Forever 21 shirt. I also purchased this with a gift certificate, so no regrets here.
F21 on left vs. BR on right


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I really like the colors in that blouse! I actually think the slightly longer length would work well for layering, as the hem will likely peek out from under the sweater and you can roll the sleeves up for additional contrast.

(I agree on the JC perfect shirts though - I have one striped one that literally fits "perfectly.")

Olyvia said...

Thanks Lisa for your support on this purchase :)

Jen K said...

I agree with pretty much everything on your list! I laughed at #8 because that was never important to me until I started blogging...the life of a fashion blogger, huh? :)

I did a #9 recently as well...there's this striped Old Navy shirt I love and it just seemed time for an upgrade. I just found a Theory version I love at Nordstrom Rack so I bought it. But I have to admit I am still hoarding the Old Navy one. ;)


Olyvia said...

Hehe! #8 definitely spawned from taking pictures of my outfits and blogging them. You totally get me, Jen! (and I'm still holding on to my dingy F21 stripe shirt too, haha)

kileen valenzuela said...

i love the blue and white stripe and it looks great tucked into the pencil skirt!

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