Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tennis inspired

Things I'm digging lately:
1. Nivea A Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Coral (~$4.49): I can't live without my Nivea A Kiss of Milk & Honey Lip Balm. So luckily, this Care & Color formula is similar to my Milk & Honey. It has the same baby-powder smell but with an added minty menthol kick (which I don't care for too much). The good thing is that it does give a nice coral color to my lips and a bit of a sheen. The texture feels exactly like my beloved Milk & Honey, except the cooling effect from the menthol, and I find myself having to apply more of it throughout the day to maintain the color and moisturizing effect. Despite all that, I've been using this more than any of my lipsticks because the sheer color looks much more natural on me. I'm all for no fuss, natural lips right now!

2. The Tennis Sweater: speaking of clothing items that "look good on camera", the tennis sweater is definitely one of them. The white knit with the bold navy V-neck as seen on Olivia Wilde on the cover of Lucky May 2014 issue was gorgeous! I've also seen this same sweater on the stylish Atlantic-Pacific several times. Here's some interesting tidbits about the tennis sweater on The Gentleman's Gazette


Jyoti said...

I love that blazer! It's so cute! I hear you on the swinginess of that blouse! I've been really into trapeze style silk blouses myself lately!

Michelle R said...

The pleated skirt is gorgeous! I always look at people in white and think "brave"!

Alexandra said...

I love the jacket you are wearing! Who makes it?

--Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

Olyvia said...

Jyoti, I hope trapeze style tops and dresses are here to breezy and comfortable!

Thanks Michelle! I do try not to wear it in events that are prone to gettin dirty :)

Thanks Alexandra! The jacket is labeled from "Plastic Island". But I bought it from Ebay...always find the most interesting things on Ebay :)