Sunday, June 1, 2014

Zesty inspirations

1. My current favorite fashion ad campaign: bright coral dress, novelty lemon-wicker purse, and minty bow cool is this!
2. Now I'm seeing lemons everywhere! Especially loving this handmade reversible tote on Etsy:

3 comments: said...

Lemon print is definitely a hit this summer. I love the trend myself. It's so fresh and adorable. Did you get a chance to wear the dress? Would you to see some pics =)

Michelle R said...

Oh! Love these colors so much! A reversible tote is an awesome idea.

Olyvia said...

Sydney, will post the pictures of me in the dress if they come out decent, haha :)

Michelle, I feel like I'm starting a collection of reversible totes. There's so many cute ones on Etsy!