Monday, December 1, 2014

Gold military buttons on jackets

Ah, loving this look from Caroline Issa!

(12/10/15 on sale $107)
Once again (without knowing it), I later spotted a similar coat style on Audrey Hepburn as seen in How To Steal A Million. Why is it when I see a style I like in the current market, turns out Audrey Hepburn has worn a similar outfit in one of her movies? I'm guessing fashion designers are constantly inspired by her old movies (or inspired by the same things as the costume designers in her movies) and reproducing such items, and they are always a hit! 

Ooh, Zara has version Fall 2016: Military Frock Coat ($99.90)

2 comments: said...

You can't never go wrong with the combination of black and gold for the holidays. Thank you for linking up on my blog. Happy Wednesday!

Olyvia said...

lol, of course! You're one of my favorite blogger friends :)