Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Blogger Lust Fail

So my hopes of turning into the beautiful Carin by trying on her dress has a disappointing result.
Here's how the Forever 21 Gingham Off-the-Shoulder Dress in size S fits on me:
1. Top portion is loose for my skinny upper body. See the fabric gap from the side view. 
2. Hip portion a bit snug for my liking. 
3. Somehow the dress highlights my lower belly, so depressing (I admit eating a lot of processed foods and working in a high stress desk job will never rid of belly bump). 
4. I had a hard time zipping up in the back. If the dress was tighter to fit my upper body it would be an acrobatic feat to zip up on my own. The fabric has no stretch. 
5. This is the kind of dress I'll probably wear once. Not worth spending extra money to alter at the tailor shop. 

Conclusion: NO for me. But YES for Carin!

Some good points: the fabric is surprisingly a thick 100% cotton with almost a linen-like texture. Love the tulip/wrap hem detail. If you have the body to wear this, go for it!

Size S measures: 15.5" across chest width, 12.5" across waist, 15.5" across hips, and skirt length from waist seam to hem is 16.5"

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