Friday, December 14, 2012

No more dresses

When I first started blogging....almost two years ago or so....I mainly focused on finding fancy dresses to fit my petite self and collected all sorts since. This reminds me that I have more than enough dresses in my closet for special occasions now. I'm going to make it a new goal to stop buying dresses for as long as possible, and to re-wear my old dresses with different accessories when I want a new look.  Also, some of my old dresses do need to be altered....that'll be something to look forward to :)

Remember my search for the perfect little black dress (before all those pages got deleted)?

Hehe, those were the days! I'm still loving my LBD (the last bottom-right one in the collage). Through these past few years as a blogger, I've discovered that for a thin petite body, my favorite place to shop for special-occasion dresses is ASOS! When on a budget, I recommend trying H&M, Target juniors, and LOFT petite (but beware, it seems like we always run into dress-twins from these retailers and their limited selections).
But no more dresses for me!


Michelle said...

LBD always remind me of you because of your hunt!

Glad you made the decision to return. The first one was such a pretty pattern, but not a good idea if it will most likely pill. :( Too bad!

Olyvia said...

Michelle, I'm a bit relieved these did not work out, haha! The wallet is relieved at least :)