Saturday, January 19, 2013

Forever21 craze

Ok, I really think I'm going crazy at Forever21...never before have I been so obsessed with their online goods...this time I'm on to the flats....
Pointed Faux Suede Flats ($24.80 - Fuchsia) and Pointed Retro Flats ($19.80 - Aqua)

Reminds me of Ann Taylor Elizabeth cap-toe flats last year.
I am envisioning all sorts of fashionable outfits with these statement flats...
(Alright, alright, no more looking at Forever21! Not on shopping limit list, but may come back to these styles later on).


Olyvia said...
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Olyvia said...

So I found these flats in-store and they do not look as great as the online photos.

The Neon Toes are too bright and cheap looking. But fits true to size.

The Fuchsia pointy toe also fits true to size and is quite comfortable actually, but the color was too...don't know how to explain it..too young-girl hot pink for me? I prefer a more magenta-berry-fuchsia as seen in the stock photos online.

Lastly, the aqua pointy toe looks just like the stock photos in color, but fits a half size too small. Unfortunately, they don't carry size 6.5, so size 6 was too tight, and the size 7 was loose on me, so no buy!

Glad I checked these out in-store first before buying them online, impulsively!