Saturday, February 23, 2013

ASOS A Wear wrap dress

I know I told myself not to buy any more dresses, but when I'm having a bad day, window-shopping for dresses makes me feel better. It's actually therapeutic browsing through the plethora of selections at shipping and returns...can't help it! I had to snatch up this dress...being the last small size 2 left and something about it tugged at me....

(was on sale $49.11)
I know why I'm drawn to this dress reminds me of Rebecca Bloomwood's Lanvin dress! Yes, I'm obsessed with obtaining everything worn in that Confessions of a Shopaholic movie! This justifies my purchase :)
Too bad it doesn't come in purple!

But A Wear makes a bunch of other colors and prints in this ruffle wrap front style, if you are interested:
Fandango Pink - this is also very Rebecca Bloomwood!
Black - small sizes out of stock fast
Navy - another universally flattering color
Horse Print - on sale, preppy and cute, running out of stock fast
Freda (ditsy butterfly print) -  but looks more like flying birds/geese to me, interesting
Floral Print - hmm...made of viscose material (not polyester)
Black/nude Lace - classy!


Anonymous said...

that is such an utterly gorgeous dress. I love the color and the style, so perfect.

Olyvia said...

countrygirlcityfashion, glad you think so! and thanks for visiting my blog :)