Friday, February 22, 2013

Google Gorey

I was so thrilled to see Google's homepage today in celebration of artist Edward Gorey's birthday! I <3 his drawings! Blame it on endless hours of watching PBS channel when I was younger living at my grandma's house (the only channel that wasn't so static-y on her old TV). 

You know I love fashion in art! And Edward Gorey's characters have serious fashion! I highly recommend rummaging through his books for inspiration on whimsical and glamorous 1900 -1930's attire, if you are into that!


phiphis blog said...

love this shade of lilac on you! very pretty!

xox P

Olyvia said...

Thanks Phiphi! I love pale purple colors, but sometimes I hope it doesn't look too old-lady, haha. Glad you approve :)