Saturday, June 7, 2014

What I'd like to wear this summer

Wooden frames: from Anthropologie
Swim tee (better than sunscreen!): from Lands' End girls
Lace-trim shorts: from Forever 21
Minimal strap platform: from Ancient Greek Sandals
And I'm really into red and white stripes lately...
inspirations from Pinterest
from old Anthropologie catalog:


Quest for said...

Can't believe it's summer already. I love the rash guard options that are available now. Hope you've been doing well!

Olyvia said...

QFFS, where I am, it's always summer, haha ;) I don't own a rash guard yet, but I've been loving the idea since all those Land's End advertisements I kept seeing. I'm also too self-conscious to wear a skimpy bathing suit most times, so a swim tee sounds awesome!