Saturday, October 20, 2012

Summer drugstore products that work!

I know, summer is over, but I want to share 3 drugstore products that I've tried over the summer that works wonders! These are now included in my beauty regimen:

1. FX Moroccan Moisture Healing Argan Oil Spray (4 fl oz.) $5.99
Ever since I discovered the flat iron, I've been hot-ironing my hair everyday because it's fast at putting in volume and shaping my hair in the right place. Of course the consequence of daily ironing is brittle hair. My tresses have been dried out even more by living in the hot, dry heat of the desert, and maybe "aging" has something to do with brittle hair also. I use to have naturally silky hair (when it was not permed) back in my tweens and have not had hair like that ever since. Until now! I feel like an infomercial, haha. But it's true, this spray is like a miracle. I've tried random oils before that always left the hair feeling more dirty and greasy. This FX Argan Oil actually does what it claims. After I flat-iron my hair, I spray this stuff on my palms and rub in my hair or mist it directly into my hair depending on how I feel that day.....and my hair instantly feels and looks shinier and softer without any grease or weight. The oil seems to absorb right into each hair strands. There's no greasy residue left on my palms after I apply this the hair really absorbs it. My thin hair is usually prone to clumping with most hair products....but this actually seems to prevent the clumpy kind of greasiness too. My only complaint is that it does have a perfumey-scent, but luckily it goes away after half an hour or so.  Other than that, this product is HOLY-GRAIL status. I highly recommend this product if you are a daily flat-iron user or have dull dry hair. It's only $5.99 or cheaper with sale, so go get it!

2. Nivea A Kiss of Milk & Honey Lip Balm (0.17 oz) $2.99
I learned about this lip balm from this review by Ella Pretty. Remember my previous lip balm hunt/review? Forget all of that. This lip balm is better than all of them! It moisturizes longer than all the other ones, feels great on the lips, and no peeling or annoying residues. This is now my favorite lip balm and the only one I use. My only complaint again is the weird's a sweet scent..almost like baby-powder...but I got used to it. I'm just happy that it works!  Please note though that only this Milk & Honey flavor seams to work. I've tried the Nivea Cherry, Strawberry and Berry Swirl version and they were horrible and icky. I would stay away from the "tinted" ones. I wonder if the new Olive Oil & Lemon one is any good...anyone tried that one?

3. Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-cream (1.7 oz) $7.99
I purchased this product after seeing a magazine ad about it and rave reviews from Musings of a Muse. This is my first time hearing about "gel-cream" so I had to try it out. Truthfully, I don't think this can replace the usual creams for major dry skin. This gel just makes for a great "morning/day" moisturizer on hot summer days, because it feels cool on application and does not grease-up the face as with regular creams. I'm usually picky about scent, but this scent is refreshing cucumbers and it doesn't linger. My skin does not break-out with it. It helps sooth some dry patches on my cheeks. I recommend this for morning or throughout the day moisturizing if you don't want the grease or heavy-feel of a cream, especially on hot days. But when the cold winter comes, I'm sticking to my old creams, since I don't think this gel-cream will cut it for super dry, peeling, wrinkling skin. Yet, I recommend this gel-cream especially if you have oily skin and want a light moisturizer that doesn't make the face shiny.

What are your recent drugstore beauty-miracle finds?

3 comments: said...

Oooo..The oil spray sounds interesting! I have to give this one a try since I straight my hair everyday too. Thanks for the review, Olyvia! Enjoy your weekend :)

Olyvia said...

Thanks Sydney! Let us know if the FX Argan oil works for you if you try it! It really works great for me :)

Olyvia said...

UPDATE: The FX Argan Oil spray works wonders on my hair....but found it has been causing acne on my back :( Darn the annoying trade-off!!!