Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Power of Feminine

1. Dream Dress: When I first started joining this blogging community, I only followed a few petite-style bloggers to help me figure out what to wear with a petite body. Then of course, I became curious who my favorite bloggers followed and obtained inspiration from. A commonality I noticed was that almost everyone listed Atlantic-Pacific in their blogrolls or mentioned Blair Eadie at some point in a post. Once I clicked into Atlantic-Pacific, I was hooked! Blair's style is like the epitome of all girlish dreams! No wonder so many revere her blog photos. Some of her outfits can be too crazy for real life, but man, they look like what dreams are made of if we lived in a fantasy world where everything is really pretty. Naturally, if Blair has an obsession, I am obsessed with it too because we girls dream the same...like this dress I spotted on her Instagram Stories/Instagram:  

2. Currently Watching: Victoria. Here are the reasons why I love this Masterpiece TV show:
     - I've always been inspired and obsessed with Victorian era costumes
     - Queen Victoria was only 5' 0"?  Yay for powerful short women! 
     - Great classical music and art references. The theme background songs are also fantastic. 
     - Can't believe all the drama and scandals are for real (I had to google if these crazy events really happened, and they did! Anyway, this show made me want to learn more about the history of Queen Victoria, which will probably spoil the plot for me though.)
     - Full of witty and snarky lines that keeps me snorting.
     - We can all relate to being annoyed at our parents, wanting to be loved, and having major hormones. 
3. Life Inspiration: "The Person You Really Need to Marry" from Tracy McMillan. Totally agree we should all learn to love ourselves first and forever. If I had seen this video long time ago, it would have saved me a lot of disappointments. I don't know why we are conditioned to believe that getting married to the "right" person would make us whole or happier someday. We can live happily being single, married, widowed, abandoned, whatever destiny throws at us, as long as we don't expect others to make us happy, but rather, we love ourselves that we can make others happy. That is deep stuff! 

4. Wardrobe goal: Back to pink. For a time, I wanted to be more mature and taken seriously and decided to cut out everything pink in my style. But ever since my Grandma fell seriously ill last winter, being by her side at the hospital and helping her recover from surgery, I felt the urge to surround myself with more pink, the color of life, caring, hope, and love. (More inspirations: here, here, and here

5. Trending on my radar: Multi-color stripes for spring.


Mike Acklin said...

Hey there Olyvia. Good to see that you're blogging again. I've entered into the blogging world as well since then. My focus is on postcard art. Hope you'll check it out sometime. :)

Olyvia Caramel said...

Mike, glad you are inspired to blog!

Mike Acklin said...

Thank you Olyvia! I have made good friends through blogging and even before I started my own, I have met some pretty great people.
You can check out my blog here: https://postcardpurposes.wordpress.com/

Hope you stop by for a visit!